Draft Captaincy Selection

Beginning in Winter 2024, a new metric will be introduced to selecting draft captaincy, and it will no longer be pure points. This means the first leadership skill survey will be had at the end of the Fall season.

This “Leadership” score will be measured by feedback given by players after their draft seasons. It is important to the draft experience,Β  to the league, new player retention and growth of the sport that Captains exemplify leadership within the community. Captains are responsible for organizing the team, organizing stat keepers and will be held accountable to a degree going forward for their leadership ability.

The “Leadership” score focuses on off-court organization (organizing the team, organizing stat keepers, securing and approving subs, etc), on-court organization (play calling, setting positions, putting together general strategy), and inclusion/motivationΒ (keeping the team motivated, treating everyone with respect, giving tips/feedback if welcome).

Captains with a high leadership score may be eligible for discounts to register for draft, and captains with low leadership scores will be passed over for captain opportunities regardless of their points. The leadership scores will be held private, unless the captain wishes to see their own. No leadership scores will be shared publicly. For a captain to be passed over for captain, 2 or more seasons worth of “Leadership” skill feedback will need to be collected.

We are happy and hopeful this new metric can help us grow and sustain the draft division by maintaining positive leadership in the division for veteran and new players alike.