3v3 Registration

Due to overwhelming demand, and the very positive responses from our market research, we will be running 3v3 league in addition to our 6v6 team league. These games will be played at Dakota Fieldhouse in the Spring and Summer seasons. We have already reserved the space and are ready to make this happen!

3v3 games will be run with the standard ruleset, but with the regulation time and roster sizes cut in half. That means a 30 minute time slot with two 10 minute halves, and a roster of up to six players. There will be a minimum of 1 female and 1 male on the court in order to start a round. Any team with no male or no female players will not be permitted to start the round and will forfeit the game.

To start, we will be running a competitive 3v3 division on Tuesdays and Thursdays and depending on the registration numbers and interest from the community, we may open up divisions at other levels in future seasons.

We will do our best to make sure that players who play in regular league do not have their 3v3 games interfere with their 6v6 games.

The cost will be $300 to register a 3v3 team.

Platinum Promotion: Any 3v3 team that has at least 3 players from their roster who are also on a Platinum 6v6 team roster for the same night will receive a $60 refund after each of those players has attended at least one game for both teams.

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